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November 2017 Digiscrap Parade : BOLD

By 10.48 , ,

Welcome to the November 2017 Digiscrap Parade, my contribution is below.  I hope you enjoy collecting all of the fabulous pieces!  Scroll down to the bottom of the post for your next stop!


Thank you so much for participating in the November 2017 DigiScrap Parade!  If you're following the Parade route from start to finish, you should have Come from Designed by Soco and your next stop will be Tracie Stroud .  If you get lost along the way, simply head back to the main DigiScrap Parade site to view the master list and get back on track."

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10 komentar

  1. I love your use of black in this mini! Thanks so much for this lovely and generous gift! :)

  2. Thank You so much! The black makes the other colors pop Love it.

  3. Love the black and white with all the BOLD colors! Thank you.

  4. Beautiful -- thank you!!

  5. Nice contribution to the parade! I also like the black and white items! :) Thank you for sharing!

  6. thank you so much. what fun papers you included.